Hello, my name is Greta! I was found abandonned on the road with my companion who the dog trainers believe is my son. When I arrived at Can Gossos I was shy and fearful and had experienced little affection in my life. I didn´t know what it meant to give kisses. Slowly I opened my heart to reveal my innermost being. I am cute, affectionate and very adventurous. Once I finish my walk and had to opportunity to discover my surroundings, I am calm and appreciate the opportunity to do a long nap. By the way, I also walk on the leash in an exemplary manner. Every morning, I happily receive the dog carers. They take great care of me and I start to understand what it means to build a bond. I like things to go smooth and avoid conflicts. I seek for contact with the human, I gain self-confidence in a short period of time and I like to lean my back on my human. I don't necessarily need a super active family. I am just wishing for a quiet place and some stability. In return for my daily walks and delicious meals of course, I will always look at you tenderly, give you lots of kisses and will love you unconditionally.

  • Rasse: Mischling
  • Geburtstag: 01.10.2019
  • Geschlecht: female