Our friendly and cheerful Tronka is a beautiful medium-sized Pitt Bull dog. In the short time she has been living in our refuge, she has shown an extraordinary behavior towards people. Tronka loves walks and games, she is active and fun. As she enjoys life, she joins all kind of activities and is the perfect companion to share your adventures with. Her way of relating with other dogs, at the moment, is quite unstable. We assume the reason for this is a lack of socialization in her younger years. Therefore, we wish to find her an experienced family who is willing to accompany her in her further learning process. In addition, Tronka is looking for a relaxed home where her resting hours are respected and where she will be blessed with hugs and affection. Call us for your appointment and come and meet her. Tronka deserves a chance!

  • Breed: Pit Bull Mix
  • Birthday: 28.07.2018
  • Gender: female