Round the clock, 365 days a year

The 12 staff at Can Gassos work 365 days a year to help meet the needs of all the dogs. The dogs are taken into the refuge, given medical treatment if necessary, and then prepared for adoption in new families in Ibiza or Switzerland. Every single dog is given the love and commitment they deserve until it is time to leave for their new home.


Managing Director
Jesús has a variety of duties, such as overseeing all operations and activities of the refuge including animal care, administration, human resources, budget and the maintenance of our beautiful installations. In addition, Jesús plays a crucial role in protecting and caring for our dogs as well as promoting their well-being and finding forever homes.


Nina is our multitasking support in the office and contact person for the future families of our dogs. She has many years of experience in office organization, takes care of our social media accounts and contributes to the well-being of our team with her open and friendly way of being.


Belén stands out for her great patience and dedication to our dogs. Ensuring their well-being and health, Belén decides on appropriate treatments diagnosed with great precision. Whether manipulating, examining or in the operating room, she always gives the best version of herself. Teaming up with Laia, she specializes in natural nutrition and integrative medicine.


Veterinary Assistant
Laia has been working in Can Gossos since its opening in 2017. She is an empathetic and affectionate person and treats our dogs with the necessary attention. Apart from her organizational and hygienic tasks in our veterinary clinic, Laia takes care of the hospitalized dogs and assists during surgeries. Teaming up with Belén, she specializes in natural nutrition and integrative medicine.


Dog Carer
Beatriz is our longest-serving employee and has contributed significantly to the growth of Can Gossos. She considers our dogs to be her family and enjoys living in the moment with them. Beatriz has a special bond with the fearful dogs and supports them with all her love.


Dog Carer
Gloria started working in Can Gossos shortly after it opened. She has a great passion for all our dogs and treats them with love and respect. Gloria is our doggies’ hairdresser.


Dog Carer
Iosu is a crucial pillar when it comes to adoptions. Thanks to his comprehensive experience in the dog’s world, he knows how to accompany and advise the future families. Iosu is also one of our longest team members.


Dog Carer
If we are able to pay attention to them, our canines can teach us a unique lesson: to live in the present. Every time I am with a dog I am fully focused on the present: there is no future or the past. Furthermore, they are capable of teaching us (because they can see it) a better version of ourselves whereby what matters most is what cannot be bought, and that is time.


Dog Carer
Pau is a lifelong animal lover and cherishes the impact they have in our lives. He feels a certain weakness for all bigger breeds and enjoys their company.


Dog Care Assistant
Every day I am driven by the intention to soften their routine in order to counteract the terrible experiences these dogs have made. While it fulfills and nourishes me, I learn from them to unconditionally accept every circumstance despite of what happened in their lives. I feel a special connection with the distant and fearful dogs.


Dog Care Assistant
Hello my name is Silvia. I am veterinary assistant and work as dog care assistant. My career has been defined by the vocation and love for animals. At Can Gossos, every day I have the opportunity to have a positive impact in the lives of our dogs and to cherish them the care and affection they deserve.


Dog Care Assistant
Susana has a huge heart for our furry friends. Thanks to her calm and patient way of being, she naturally connects with both fearful and agitated dogs and helps them to gain trust in the human.