Hello, I'm Uva, I am a 1-year and 3-month-old Pointer. They found me in October 2023, near where I was abandoned in Buscastell. I was very afraid of being picked up because humans had let me down in the past, and I didn't want my heart to be broken again. That's why I didn't make it easy to be picked up, but as soon as they took me, my soft side inevitably emerged again. Even though I am no longer a puppy, everyone here at the foundation calls me "niña" (girl). I think it's because I am very tender, and I always get very happy when I see my caregivers, especially during walks. I have a lot of love and affection to offer. I love cuddles and giving lots of kisses to anyone who greets me. During walks, I shine with my energy and zest for life. As a good Pointer, I follow my sense of smell, by the way, I have an excellent sense of smell. But I'm always attentive to where my caregivers are, and like a good Pointer, I always come back to find them. I don't plan on missing out on cuddles again. If someone is interested in getting to know me or, even better, giving me a home, I'll be a loyal and sweet companion. And I repeat: as a good Pointer, I will always be ready to accompany you on any of your adventures, and I promise you will never feel lonely. The only thing I ask is to not be abandonned again. Thank you for reading me. Uva xxx

  • Breed: Pointer Mix
  • Birthday: 01.10.2022
  • Gender: female